Geological and geophysical work supervising

Since early 2013, MAGE has been providing offshore geological and geophysical supervision (process monitoring) services in the following areas:

  • offshore seismic survey supervision
  • integrated geotechnical survey supervision
  • offshore survey navigation support supervision
  • geological/geophysical HSE supervision

With extensive expertise in a variety of offshore geological and geophysical survey techniques implemented under generally accepted quality and HSE standards both at home and worldwide, we can ensure the highest level of onsite supervision regardless of challenges posed by a survey area, climate, or an acquisition program.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced supervision professionals to manage process monitoring across every phase of exploration. 

Our company offers a comprehensive range of offshore geological and geophysical survey support and quality control services:

    • Research vessel condition survey
      A pre-acquisition condition survey is conducted as per Customer’s specifications and is followed by a completion report.
    • Quality and HSE compliance
      Compliance of quality and HSE standards is monitored under local regulations and international recommendations, including the Customer’s standards.
  • Technical inspection of marine geological and geophysical and navigation equipment
    Technical inspection is carried out under the adopted industry standards and is followed by a completion report.
    • 24-hour customer-oriented onsite supervision aboard research vessels
      Supervision is provided for the entire acquisition period and is followed by daily/weekly reports, including a final one.
  • Field navigation, geological and geophysical, and onboard processing QC (if any)
    For continuous and real-time QC, specialized software is used that includes but is not limited to MultiSeis Project Manager (with Quick QC), MESA (GMG), SurvOpt (Engenius Software ltd.), SeiSee, and SegDSee.