ROV operations

JSC MAGE provides a wide range of subsea engineering services both as part of site surveys for offshore upstream facilities under design and operations on existing subsea production systems, pipelines, suspended and abandoned wells. These services may involve the use of either in-house (Sperre SUB-Fighter 15k and Perry Slingsby Triton XLR) or outsourced ROVs.


Services provided by our expert team include: 


  • Visual inspection of pipeline routes and continuous site monitoring, including an HD survey;
  •   Further exploration of targets detected with side-scan sonars, multibeam echo sounders and magnetometers, using a Kongsberg 1171 scanning/sector scan sonar, and an Innovatum Smartsearch magnetic gradiometer;
  •   Water, soil, and gas sampling (by a ROV General Oceanics sampling bottle, a soil sampler, and a Sperre DNV gas sampler);
  •   De-fouling of submerged structures with CaviBlaster 1228 or a Sperre 1500W brush cleaner with Osborn attachments;
  •   Cathodic protection system condition test with a Deep C Meter 300 AD probe;
  •   Measuring the effective wall thickness of subsea pipelines through coatings with a Cygnus M5-ROV-2K gauge;
  •   Tracking buried submarine cables and pipelines with Innovatum Smartrak, including the connection of a TG-10 UK tone generator;
  •   Subsea structure attitude measurement (pitch and roll) with an Ocean Tools DISTIL unit;
  •   Subsea pipeline inspection using ROVs with Kongsberg 1171 profiling sonars and video cameras;
  •   Non-destructive control of subsea pipeline welds;
  •   Slinging and recovery of sunken items;
  •    Pumping fluids into X-mas tree and other infrastructure facilities at pressures up to 520 bar;
  •   18 ¾ well cleaning work;
  •   Rope trimming works etc. using GR29 and RCO40LP.



Data can be acquired using the software listed below:


  • Visual Soft 10/1 Suite
  • DVS-Pro (SSPT Ltd)
  • Options Videologger
  • QINSy 9
  • EIVA 4.


Perry Slingsby Triton XLR (Specification in PDF)


Sperre SUB-fighter 15k (Specification in PDF)