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Integrated interpretation

JSC MAGE performs an integrated interpretation of the following geological and geophysical data:

CMP seismic (using Kingdom):

  • stratigraphic analysis;
  • seismic stratigraphic analysis;
  • AVO analysis;
  • tectonic zoning;
  • basin geodynamics;
  • hydrocarbon potential evaluation.

Refraction survey (powered by RadexPro+):

  • study of crustal and upper mantle interfaces;
  • study of velocity distribution in the Earth’s crust and the upper mantle.
  • study of Quaternary sediments;
  • study of the upper part of the sedimentary cover.

Seismic acoustics, HR and UHR seismic (powered by RadexPro+, ProMAX, Kingdom)

  • study of Quaternary sediments; 
  • study of the upper part of the sedimentary cover. 

Gravity and magnetic observations (using the in-house applications such as GRAV version 1.3 and MAG version 1.3):

  • construction of anomalous potential field maps;
  • calculation of vertical and horizontal gradients;
  • calculation of normalized full gradient per line to the target depth at a specified interval and per area to the target depth;
  • calculation of residual anomalies by averaging and target height conversion;
  • integrated interpretation using a 2D/3D cluster analysis;
  • calculation of the complex parameter of a normalized full gradient;
  • geological modeling.

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