Integrated engineering survey

Offshore Site Surveys

Offshore site surveys are carried out to gather comprehensive information on the natural and manmade features of a survey area. They are intended to identify all possible limitations or hazards that impede the construction and operation of engineering structures. This information is essential for us to predict how structures interact with the environment, make an engineering analysis, and ensure environmental protection.


The surveys are conducted to meet the Customer’s specifications under the applicable regulatory standards in the Russian Federation and/or international organizations. We make sure that our projects fully comply with HSE regulations.

As part of integrated offshore site surveys, our company provides the following services:


These are used to measure ocean depths or seabed topography, and locate items or obstructions on the seafloor, including:

  • Surveying and multibeam/single-beam bathymetry
  • Side-scan sonar survey
  • Geodetic engineering support for other survey activities



These are used to review the site geological conditions (including geological structure, identifying geological hazards or adverse geological process or activity, and determining soil composition, condition and properties) and predict associated developments in terms of interaction between a proposed facility and its geological environment to gain adequate data for its design, construction and operation.


These surveys include:


Geophysical studies:

  • high-frequency seismic (high-resolution seismic)
  • continuous seismic profiling (with high- and low-frequency sources)
  • magnetics
  • electromagnetics (magnetotelluric and transient sounding)

Geological engineering studies:

  • shallow borehole drilling
  • soil sampling
  • cone penetration test

Soil testing:

  • field laboratory tests
  • stationary laboratory tests


These are used to study hydrometeorological, oceanographic, and hydrological conditions to make technically and environmentally sound decisions about site selection and the construction, operation, and decommissioning of offshore engineering structures.


These are used to make an environmental assessment of a survey area. These also involve securing relevant permits and approvals from authorities and agencies, and conducting archaeological surveys.

Armed with state-of-the-art hardware and software, we can deliver a full spectrum of field operations and work in the office.