Data processing

The central computing facility of JSC MAGE serves to provide a full cycle of 2D/3D seismic data processing and is headquartered in Moscow.

Every year we make routine upgrades and increase computing crunch power. A new hardware system is up and running. It includes an IMC Isilon high-speed clustered storage system and cutting-edge computational nodes.


  • At the core of the integrated computing facility are advanced high-performance servers optimized for seismic data processing with the latest version of ProMaX R5000 2D/3D and a homegrown software package called PRIME;
  • Workplaces are fitted with heavy-duty multi-core processor-based computing stations;
  • Cisco stackable switches allow the interconnection within individual units;
  • Fail-safe disk arrays made by industry leaders (HP, QNAP) are used for backup storage;
  • A variety of tape drives is available for qualified personnel to handle legacy data.


  • Comprehensive 2D/3D CMP seismic data processing (towed streamer, seabed equipment, multicomponent data, surface data, and high-frequency seismic data);
  • Supervision of 2D/3D offshore seismic data acquisition;
  • 2D/3D offshore seismic data QC.


The computing facility is staffed by highly skilled seismic processors, engineers, and technicians with many years of experience in offshore and land seismic data processing, and promising young talent who mobilize their innovative capacities to improve seismic data processing techniques.