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2D/3D seismic with towed streamers

Our own research vessel fleet carries 12 km Sercel Sentinel solid streamers and 8,000 cubic inch BOLT 1500 LL, 1900 LLX / Sleeve Guns-I, II.
CMP seismic acquisition is a core segment that has catalyzed the adoption of its modifications and helped MAGE break new geophysical service markets. The under-ice seismic acquisition technology that MAGE has developed and introduced into offshore geological exploration can be used by corporations to meet their license commitments on the Arctic shelf.

Geophysical equipment

Registration system Seal 408, Seal 428 (Sercel)
seismic streamers Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer
Maximum seismic streamer length 12 000 м
Streamers stabilization and positioning Compass Bird 5011/5010 (ION)
Navigation systems ORCA 2D CONCEPT SYSTEMS
Navigation data processing systems Sprint 2D (Concept System) SeisPos (FGPS)
AIR-GUN sources BOLT 1500LL, 1900 LLX Sleeve Guns-I, II (ION)
Maximum volume of air source array 8,000 cu. inches
AIR-GUN Controllers BigShot (Real Time Systems) Seamap GunLink 2000
Seismic data processing and quality control system ProMAX 2D

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