Environmental project support

JSC MAGE carries out professional environmental site surveys. This important pre-project planning stage provides an overall environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the proposed project area. The surveys are not only required to pass expert review, but also allow us to prevent, minimize, or completely avoid adverse environmental impacts and conserve the habitat.

Environmental monitoring includes:

  • Meteorological monitoring
  • Hydrological monitoring
  • Geochemical monitoring
  • Hydrobiological monitoring
  • Ichthyological monitoring
  • Mammal monitoring
  • Ornithological monitoring
  • Mathematical underwater acoustic propagation modeling with the GUNDALF software package.

The EIA procedure includes:

1. Preparing the Terms of Reference for EIA. Establishing public opinion and identifying stakeholder requirements.

2. Undertaking EIA studies and developing EIA resources:

  • Publications on the placement of EIA resources and on public consultation (federal, regional, and local print media)
  • Making EIA resources available to the public.

3. Public consultation on draft documentation for options to implement the findings from an assessment of impacts or implications (EIA resources).

4. Conducting federal reviews and federal environmental documentation reviews.