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Geological mapping

JSC MAGE renders services on preparation of consolidated geological maps and schemes of the Northern Seas' shelf on the basis of the State Geological Map (Gosgeolkarta) - 1000.

By 2015, there were prepared for publishing 17 sets of the State Geological Map including 33 sheets of international classification and covering the West Arctic shelf (Russia) of more than 2 million sq km area.

Geological, geophysical and ecological data which have been acquired on the shelves of the Barents, Kara, Laptev and White Seas for 40 years of research activity were consolidated and thoroughly studied using geoinformation methods.

The set of each sheet contains comprehensive summary of regional geology of shelf sedimentary basins, distribution of mineral resources, and modern environment conditions.

The set of each sheet published separately contains the following materials:

  • main maps and schemes (published at map reproduction plants);
  • explanatory note to the set of published maps;
  • additional maps, schemes, geological – geophysical sections and other graphics;
  • accompanying digital base of initial geological – geophysical data containing factual and derivative information which supports, bases and expands the content of the maps.

Geophysical equipment

Registration system Seal 408, Seal 428 (Sercel)
Seismos Sercel Sentinel Solid Streamer, Sercel Fluid Filled Streamer
Maximum seismic mowing length 12 000 м
Stabilization and positioning devices Compass Bird 5011/5010 (ION)
Navigation systems Navigation systems
Navigation data processing systems Sprint 2D (Concept System) SeisPos (FGPS)
Pneumatic sources BOLT 1500LL, 1900 LLX Sleeve Guns-I, II (ION)
Maximum volume of air source array 8,000 cu. inches
Air Source Controllers BigShot (Real Time Systems) Seamap GunLink 2000
Seismic data processing and quality control system ProMAX 2D

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