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Data processing

The Integrated Processing center of JSC MAGE executes a full cycle of 2D/3D seismic data processing.

In early 2013 it was a deep upgrading and expansion of the processing power. The new hardware system was put into operation. It includes EMC Isilon high-performance data storage cluster system and HP computational nodes. It is one of the primary introductions of EMC Isilon among service companies in Russia. The launching of the new processing center has allowed of a new level of seismic data processing speed.


  • modern servers optimized for processing of seismic data using the latest ProMaX R5000 2D/3D are the basis of Integrated Processing Center;
  • specialists’ work places are equipped with high-performance and annually updated processing workstations based on multicore processors;
  • switching within departments is performed by means of Cisco stack equipment;
  • fault-tolerant disk arrays of leading manufacturers (HP, IBM, Oracle, Xyratex) are used for additional data storage;
  • specialists have different types of tape drives which enable to work with modern data and data of last years.


  • complete cycle of 2D/3D reflection and refraction seismic data processing, including reprocessing;
  • supervizing of 2D/3D offshore seismic surveys;
  • quality Control of acquired 2D/3D seismic data.

Processing Center Team of JSC MAGE:

Highly skilled geophysicists – processors, engineers and technicians who have a long-term experience in seismic data processing acquired both in offshore and onshore areas of the Arctic shelf of Russia and the World Ocean work at the Integrated Processing centers well as young promising specialists who direct their creative potential at improvement of seismic data processing methods.

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