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2D-3D land seismic

2D/3D onshore seismic surveying is one of the new directions that are being successfully developed by MAGE. In 2012 MAGE became the winning bidder of the tender for performance of not only offshore but also onshore seismic surveys in Yamal and created its own onshore crew. The onshore group was established in order to increase competitiveness of the Company. MAGE is one of the few Russian companies able to perform seismic surveys aimed at creation of the continuous grid of regional geophysical lines in order to tie seismic surveys performed in the waters of seas and onshore. The onshore crew is stuffed with trained personnel using state-of-art machinery and technologies allowing conducting seismic surveys according to quality standards. 2D onshore seismic is performed with the help of cable-free GSX equipment made by GEOSPACE (USA).

The wireless separate system of seismic acquisition enables to:

  • obtain seismic data for 45 days on a single feed;
  • deploy equipment in any hard-to reach zones of the survey areas;
  • perform surveys in settlements without participation of additional service and maintenance staff;
  • to receive information of high quality at lower operational costs.

  • A tracking device aimed at geophones monitoring allows to deploy and set receiver lines offline.

The reduction of weight and quantity of seismic equipment cuts down the number of staff and machinery. Thus, the number of injures and environmental damage is reduced. In accordance with the project onshore seismic surveys are performed with the use of technologies allowing to produce a minimal possible impact on the ecological system - non-explosive pulsed electromagnetic seismic sources SEM-100 (8 pcs.) are applied for excitation.

In 2013 Marine Arctic Geological Expedition commenced work at the project "2D onshore seismic on the Yamal Peninsula" aimed at creation of the continuous grid of geophysical (2DCMP reflection) lines on the Priyamal shelf in order to tie seismic surveys performed in the waters of Kara Sea and onshore the Yamal Peninsula. In January-March 2013, the onshore seismic crew performed 2D CMP survey with a total of 100 line kilometers.

An infill grid of lines was shot onshore of insufficiently explored north-western areas of the Timano-Pecherskiy petroleum basin during the 2013-2014 field season. The scope of 2D CMP survey was 600 line kilometers.

MAGE will take part in a regional geological-geophysical survey in the 2014-2015 field season resulting in creation of a geological model and evaluation of hydrocarbon potential of the Mesozoic and Paleozoic deposits of the Poluysko-Baydaratskiy region (the north-west of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District). The scope of 2D CMP survey is 1030 line kilometers.

Due to increased scope of work the staff was expanded from 47 to 70 employees, the survey is performed in two shifts. Two more pulsed electromagnetic seismic sources SEM-100 (8 in total), and 100 recording channels (400 in total) were purchased. Survey control is performed using GPS devices.

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