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Shore support base

JSC MAGE operates a 57,000 sq. m in-house fleet base in the ice-free Kola Bay near the settlement of Minkino. The 220 m base includes a fixed and a floating dock.

The base can accommodate vessels of 10,000 tons displacement. It also includes heated and unheated warehouses and concrete storage space.

Vessels are enabled to plug into shore power of 1.5 MW and connect to the shore water supply system.
Firefighting, telephone, and Internet facilities are in place.

All areas of the premises are illuminated. They are monitored by 24-hour licensed security guards and CCTV surveillance.

Other benefits include:
  • Vehicle accessibility (a 350 m sand-and- gravel road from the base joins a hard- surface road leading to the settlement).
  • It is 1.3 km away from the Kola federal highway and 200 km from Kirkenes, Norway.
  • The closest Kola railway terminal is just 22 km away (the city has plans to build a branch line right to the base).

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