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Gravimetric and magnetometric observations

Modern techniques and equipment make it possible to carry out large-scale high- precision gravity and magnetometer surveys and regional studies along with seismic acquisition. Regular grid magnetometer surveys are ±0.5-2 nT accurate and ±3-5 nT accurate together with seismic acquisition. Added to acquisition, gravity surveys are conducted at sea state 4 with an accuracy of ±0.3-0.4 mGal and that of ±0.1-0.2 mGal during detailed work.


Chekan-AM Gravimeters, made in Russia, FSUE CSRI Electropribor

Measurement range: 10 Gal minimum
Limits of permissible measurement error ± 0.3 - 0.8 mGal
Sensitivity (scale division value) 0.01 mGal
Gravimeter response time 35 to 100 sec
Gravimeter drift rate 2 mGal/day max

SeaSPY Magnetometers, made in Canada (Marine Magnetics)

Absolute accuracy 0,2 nT
Sensor sensitivity 0,01 nT
Counter sensitivity 0,001 nT
Measurement range от 18 000 nT до 120 000 nT
Gradient tolerance over 10000 nT/m

Chekan-AM gravimeters, Chekan-AM (Shelf-E model)

Manufacturer: Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC, Russia

Range: at least 10 Gal
Absolute error limit: 0.01 mGal
Time constant: 35 to 100 sec
Drift rate: at least 3 mGal/day

SeaSPY2 magnetometers (Marine Magnetics, Canada)

Absolute accuracy: 0.1 nT
Sensor sensitivity: 0.01 nT
Counter sensitivity: 0.001 nT
Range: 18,000 nT to 120,000 nT
Gradient tolerance: over 10,000 nT/m

Sentinel base station magnetometers (Marine Magnetics, Canada)

Absolute accuracy: 0.2 nT
Sensor sensitivity: 0.01 nT
Storage capacity: one million readings
Range: 18,000 nT to 120,000 nT
Gradient tolerance: over 10,000 nT/m
Sampling rates: 1/minute to 1Hz

MAGE developed the technique of high-precision gravity and hydromagnetic gradient surveys. This allows even at high latitudes (above 70⁰ N) to conduct magnetic measurements in combination with seismic for regional survey with an error less than +3-5 nT and +0.5-2 nT during detailed operations. Gravity measurements are performed in combination with seismic at sea disturbance up to 4 points, with an error of +0.3-0.4 mGal during regional operations and +0.1-0.2 mGal during detailed operations.

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