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Environmental services

MAGE renders the following environmental services:

  • Arrangement and carrying out of marine engineering and ecological surveys;
  • Preparation of EIA for various projects involving shelf development:
  • Holding of public discussions:
  • Estimation and agreement of damage from the activities caused to marine biological resources;
  • Modelling of oil and oil products spill;
  • Legal support related to specially protected natural territory (SPNT);
  • Project support in order to obtain a positive conclusion from the State Environmental Expertise;

Work in harsh arctic conditions

Organization of all logistics in the sea

Helicopter crew change

Operation with 3 seismic vessels and 4 escort supply vessels

Development, arrangement, and performance of environmental monitoring programs:
A common feature of environmental monitoring programs is a specific cyclicity, consisting in constant monitoring of the situation at facilities which are being constructed and those being operated in accordance with the pre-established deadlines, which allows considering the ecological situation over time, and to make most justified forecasts of future development of the situation due to upcoming and ongoing economic and other activities.

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