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Annual meeting of shareholders of MAGE will be held in late April

JSC Marine Arctic Geological Expedition was founded in 1972. Provides a wide range of geological and geophysical services for the study of the structure of offshore seas, transit and coastal zones of the Arctic and the World Ocean

Colossal experience, modern equipment and the most qualified personnel make us a leading, reliable company in the exploration and geophysical services in Russia.

Company's mission

to promote scientific and technical progress and increase the welfare of society by providing geological information, necessary for the reproduction of the base of mineral and energy resources of the subsoil of the continental shelf.


We employ the most talented and professional representatives of various specialties. These are engineers, geologists, geophysicists, programmers, and seismologists — dozens of posts in which hardworking and responsible people are employed.

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Created in 1972 in Murmansk as a complex marine Arctic Geological and Geophysical Expedition (CMAH) as part of the Northern Sea Research and Production Geological and Geophysical Association ("Sevmorgeo") Ministry of Geology of the USSR.

In 1981, it was renamed Marine Arctic Geological Expedition (MAGE).

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We are always glad to new partners and projects!

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