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Igor Zayats

Igor Zayats

Was born on April 26, 1954 in the village of Afanasyevo, Ulyanovsky District, Kaluga Region.

In 1983 graduated from Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute majoring in Oceanology.

He started his career as a laboratory assistant in Acoustics Institute (Severomorsk), then joined MAGE as the forth category employee, senior technician, engineer, geophysicist, leading geophysicist, party chief on RV Geolog Dmitriy Nalivkin, chief engineer, First Deputy General Director. Frequently he participated in the regional and shallow areal surveying with the use of various types of receivers and recording equipment. Igor was involved in field works within the 32nd (1987) and 34th (1989) Soviet Antarctic Expedition on research vessels. The modernization of MAGE research vessels' hardware and software is performed under his guidance, which has recently resulted in a considerable increase of the amount of seismic surveys on the Russian Arctic shelf.

Winner of the Russian Government Prize for science and technology in 2005. Awarded the Medal of the Order for Merit to the Motherland of II degree.


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