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Gennady Kazanin

Gennady Kazanin

Was born on July 2, 1948 in the village of Pokrovka, Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.

A member of numerous marine geophysical and seismic surveys in the Atlantic Ocean, the Barents and Kara Seas of the Arctic Ocean. Gennady Kazanin led the first survey on the RV "Dmitry Nalivkin" in the Antarctic (1986-1987), provided technical re-equipment, including re-equipment of the vessels, performed economic transformations aimed at transition to market conditions. Subsequently, the company has become competitive on the world geophysical services market.

Doctor of engineering sciences. Member of the International Informatization Academy. Winner of the RF Government prize for science and technology - "For the development, scientific rationale and implementation of advanced technologies for creation of ecological and geological basis of subsoil use of the Western Arctic Russian Shelf" in 2005. The chairman of the Regional Public Organization "The Association of the Murmansk Region Polar Explorers". A full member of the Russian Academy of Science (The Earth sciences section). The assistant member of the Russian Federal Council E. Tarlo on the public basis. Awarded the Order of Honour, the Medal of the Order for Merit to the Motherland of II degree, and others.


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