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Evgeniy Makarov

Evgeniy Makarov
Was born on December 8, 1979 in the village of Pokrovka, Bashkir ASSR.

In 2002 he graduated from Murom Institute, a branch of Vladimir State University majoring in Consumer radioelectronic equipment.

Worked in a secondary school of Pokrovka as a teacher of Informatics and Physical education before 2003. Joined MAGE in 2003 as an electronics engineer, head of group, party chief, chief engineer, Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer. He has repeatedly participated in surveys on RV Professor Kurentsov as a deputy party chief and party chief. He has performed important integrated geophysical surveys on determination of the outer limits of the Russian shelf in the Northern seas. As a chief engineer of MAGE Evgeniy Makarov suggests technology policy and the directions of technical development of the company. Testing of new equipment and technologies, the work in the field of scientific and technical information and the best practical experience disseminating is performed under his guidance.


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